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Pulling Power
Sue Jackson discusses the history and present state of tin mining in Cornwall, England.
Go-Go Boots: A Foot-First Jump into the Wacky World of Mod Footwear
Tall or short, sassy or sexy... go-go boots come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. A brief history by Glynis Ward.
Bathing Suits in Black and White
It's spring and we're in the swim! After you're done browsing our online store, take a look at these black and white photos of swimwear in the early-mid 20th century. Compiled by Linda Ferguson.
Barkcloth: Then and Now
Barkcloth... the colorful fabric that covered windows and furniture all over America during the mid-20th century. Glynis Ward discusses its history and suggests uses for less-than-perfect barkcloth fabrics.
Gumball Prizes
Learn about gumball prize collecting! Article and interview with Jeffrey Maxwell by Amy Lynwander. Photos by Jeffrey Maxwell.
The End
Memorial Stadium and other great places in Baltimore are vanishing. Are we losing too much cool old stuff? Article by Linda Ferguson.
Cocktail Wear
From flappers and ascots, rhinestones and martinis... Glynis Ward tells the story of cocktail fashions.
McAllister Roseville Art Pottery Auction
Review of the March 26, 2000 McAllister Roseville Pottery Auction. Lotsa bargains! By Aime Joseph.
Coco Chanel: Innovator and Icon
CoolOldStuff features another innovative 20th c. designer, Coco Chanel, designer of the famous suit. Article by Aime Joseph.
Big Score! #2
What did we find?
Big Score!
What did we find?
Visions Of Pucci Dancing In My Head
Glynis Ward loves Pucci and is not afraid to tell the world! Read more about this innovative designer of women's fashions.
Roseville Pottery: Identification and Early Evolution
In the second article in our Roseville pottery series, Aime Joseph discusses how to identify Roseville and the development of early lines.
Vox: Never Stops Happening!
The history of the Vox company and its innovative instruments and amplifiers as told by Glynis Ward.
Fiberglass Lampshades
Fiberglass lampshades, weird and wonderful! Article by Glynis Ward.
Roseville Pottery
Aime Joseph, a collector of Roseville pottery and monthly Roseville feature writer for CoolOldStuff, provides a glimpse of the Ohio pottery's history, some of its notable lines, and current prices.
Pre-FAB-rications: Innovative Fabrics of the 1960s
The use of plastic, PVC, and other materials in the 1960s became the new rage for designers looking for a new angle in fashion. Glynis Ward, our vintage fashion maven, discusses the use of these materials.
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