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McAllister Roseville Art Pottery Auction

by Aime Joseph

Note: This article is intended to provide general information only. We do NOT offer advice or appraisals on Roseville pottery.

McAllister Roseville Art Pottery Auction, Sportsman Lodge, Studio City, CA, March 25, 2000.

On Saturday, March 25, 2000, the Minnesota-based McAllister Auctions held what was the largest Roseville auctions (over 250 lots) in California to date. The auction house is noted for their 1999 auction of a one-of-a-kind Roseville Della Robbia 20" vase. It sold for $38,850 at their Zanesville, Ohio auction (ironically home of the Roseville factory), the highest auction price ever for a Roseville piece.

At the preview the night before the auction, a wide variety of Roseville pieces were on display. Samples of early period Roseville included a variety of cups and plates from the 1910 pattern JUVENILE to the highly collectible early 20s ROSECRAFT HEXIGON and ROSECRAFT VINTAGE. Also represented were middle-era FUTURA, PINECONE and SUNFLOWER pieces.

The auction began promptly at 11 am on March 25. In the first hour, a mint condition blue PINECONE 7" vase booked at $800 and sold for $550. Another PINECONE vase -- this one in green and slightly taller at 10" -- sold for $425, about $300 less than book value. One of the auction's highlights was a FERELLA console bowl with a center flower frog which sold for $800.

The prices fetched for the five FUTURA pieces were also on the high end, but with the popularity of art deco décor, the $650 winning bid for a FUTURA 5" grey vase with pink triangles was not surprising. The $1200 final bid on a FUTURA "Four Balls" vase with a tiny nick on the base, was definitely on the high side and probably not intended for resale.

One of the best bargains was a JUVENILE nursery plate with a small chip on the outside rim and a slightly worn decal that sold for a mere $10. Other great bargains were a FREESIA green window box valued at $250 that sold for $35, a DONATELLO bowl valued at $250 that sold for $50, and a PEONY yellow large console bowl valued at $265 that sold for $70. All in all, the prices of the pottery at the auction were 20% to 50% below list price. The attendees seemed to bid the highest and most frequently on the early 30s patterns including PINECONE, FUTURA, FALLINE, FERRELLA & SUNFLOWER.

The next McAllister Roseville auction will be held at The Holiday Inn in Zanesville, Ohio on July 12, 2000. The highlight piece of this auction will be an 8" Della Robbia incised, four-color vase valued at $12,000. To receive an auction catalog or to submit Roseville pieces for consideration (only pieces over $100 book value, please), e-mail or write to:

McAllister Auctions

PO Box 304
Grand Ledge, MI

For those who can not attend the auction, ABSENTEE BIDDING is available up until the night before the event. This bidding is limited to lots with the pre-auction estimate of $500, due to limited phone lines.


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