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8-Track Heaven
Calls itself "Your Guide to the World of 8-Track Tapes and the home of 8-Track Mind and alt.collecting.8-track-tapes". Features 8-track collecting tips, how to clean an 8-track machine, the pitfalls of pinch roller breakdown. And so very much more!
Alphabet 26
Tons of information on Cracker Jack prizes and gumball collectibles. Emphasis on alphabet gumball prizes -- lots of great pictures!
collectSPACE is the first website dedicated to providing resources for space memorabilia collectors. Resources and news about almost anything related to space, including stamps, books, and autographs.
Designing Online
Design consultations, interior decorating services, design links, online design magazine, fine shops, free stuff and contests.
Fell's Point Ghost Tours
If you're in Baltimore, MD, check out the Fell's Point Ghost Tours. Pirates, ladies of the night, rioters, and men and women from around the world have called Fell's Point home. Some have never left. Join your guides under the cover of night to explore the many haunted pubs, shops and residences.
Geek history through T-shirts. People send in scans and the story behind their Internet- and computer-related T-shirts. Very cool, very interesting!
Harford Vista!
Get to know CoolOldStuff's home turf with the number one local Internet portal in Harford County, Harford Vista!
Modern Moist Towelette Collecting
Proof that people collect anything and everything! Great for a laugh. Check out the gallery and their interpretation of Edvard Munch's "The Scream".
Museum of Dirt
We never thought a museum of dirt would be interesting until we saw this site. You can see dirt from Liberace's house, Sonny Bono's front yard, and other luminaries' dirt is on display as well. Also, has dirt from historic sites such as Pearl Harbor and the OK Corral Shootout site. The cool search engine allows you to view dirt by different criteria. It's a lot better than it sounds!
REID Studio
A must-see... gorgeous vintage-style posters, illustration and design.
Swingin' Chick of the '60s
Everything you wanted to know about cool women of the 1960s. Pics, bios, more... even a book!
Walsh Brothers Watches and Jewellery
A family run business established in 1968 in Beckenham, Kent, England. Walsh brothers is owned and run by Paul Stephenson, who is, according to the site, "a true craftsman, goldsmith clockmaker and all round nice guy"! They sell quality jewelry and watches - lovely things, check it out!
Weird Ebay Finds
An ebay-obsessed person displays her bizarre weekly ebay finds! Fun and tacky stuff. Also has "Absurd Auction" articles and a link to her ebay weirdness chat room.
Wish Pearl Jewelry
Affordable pearl costume jewelry for any occasion.
World's best Skiffle links
Exhaustive list of skiffle-related links. Links include the CoolOldStuff article on Vox by Glynis Ward.
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